Robert McCaslin Sr.

Founder & CEO

Bobby McCaslin Sr. is a distinguished figure in the world of real estate development and community engagement. As the visionary Founder of M. R. Development, Corporation, Bobby brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the forefront of urban development in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

With a solid foundation in the construction and steel industry, spanning 18 years of dedication and hard work, Bobby's journey led him to the vibrant city of Mansfield. It was here, while constructing the Law Enforcement Center, that he forged deep connections with the city and its residents. In 1991, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to acquire and transform an abandoned subdivision into what is now known as The Arbors at Creekwood—a testament to his commitment to quality living spaces.

Driven by a passion for real estate, Bobby's transition from construction and steel to real estate development was seamless. His vision was clear: to create exceptional communities that residents could take pride in calling home. The success of The Arbors at Creekwood marked the inception of a remarkable series of development projects, all within the bounds of Mansfield.

In 1997, Bobby embarked on the ambitious journey of assembling land parcels to bring to life the 800-acre master planned community, M3 Ranch. This visionary endeavor demonstrates his commitment to creating enduring legacies that enrich the lives of countless individuals and families.

Bobby's strategic vision and his unwavering dedication to building meaningful relationships have been instrumental in shaping the continued success of M. R. Development. Under his leadership, the company has gone on to develop single-family residential subdivisions across multiple cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including Mansfield, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Little Elm, and McKinney.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Bobby remains deeply engaged in the Mansfield community, reflecting his commitment to giving back. He actively participates in organizations such as the Mansfield Mission Center and the Mansfield Rotary Club. Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in the HIM Food Bank Center, further solidifying his dedication to creating positive change within the community.

Bobby McCaslin Sr.'s multifaceted contributions to real estate development and community service stand as a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and the betterment of Mansfield and beyond.

image of team member at MR Development